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Mat/Tower 2 - Intermediate

This class is taught by:

Renee Beckler

Originally from California, Renée has lived a large part of her adult live in Europe. She is a licensed esthetician and massage therapist, but has found her real passion in teaching Pilates. Renée has been taking Pilates classes with a variety of different studios for over 12 years and uses her experience to focus on teacher-client interaction. In order for a client to fully benefit from and enjoy Pilates sessions, she finds it of great importance for the instructor to really understand the client. Renée says she wants “the client to go home inspired and encouraged, ready to come back for the next session, rather than feel pushed ahead”. Renée received her training and certification with Marjorie Oron at The Pilates Studio in the Hague, Netherlands.

Kim Hamilton

Kim fell in love with Pilates in college. Upon graduation, she decided she had to pursue her passion and make it her career.
Unlike many instructors, Kim does not come from a dance background. She found Pilates through her local gym and noticed how it enhanced all of her physical activities. It made her stronger and improved her balance. Kim also noticed changes in her physique which was an added benefit! Whatever your sport or level of physical activity you have, you'll notice how Pilates enhances it.

Pilates continually inspires her, both mentally and physically. This is something that she tries to pass along to her clients: whatever your goals are in Pilates, we will work together to accomplish them. Throughout her years of teaching, Kim has been privileged to work with clients from as young as 10 to as seasoned as 85. She has a lot of experience in teaching clients with serious back issues and chronic conditions. She continues to learn as much from the clients as they learn from her!


Teresa Trunzo


Teresa Trunzo was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois an at age fourteen she moved to South Florida. As a result of being in the sunshine state with beautiful beaches, warm weather and endless sunny skies, outdoor activities like bike riding and roller skating were a common past time. She became interested in nutrition and fitness shortly after completing high school.

Teresa’s first teaching experience started in 1984 with Richard Simmons Anatomy Asylum in Deerfield Beach, FL. There she helped choreograph high impact aerobics to music. The emphasis was on a total body workout in addition to nutrition counseling for all body types and fitness levels. Teresa continued her fitness career with weight training, nautilus equipment training, power walking and more.

Teresa was introduced to authentic Pilates in 2009. At that time she became aware of the benefits of this form of exercise and how it can enhance your body and everyday living. Teresa successfully completed the Romana’s Pilates® Instructor Training Program in 2013. Teresa is always learning and continues to share her passion of Pilates and the benefits to the mind, body and spirit with the community.

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas is a former bookworm who discovered the joy of Pilates and never looked back. Although he is still working to build his elusive Powerhouse, he can now sit up straight, roll like a ball, hang like a squirrel, and perform a great variety of movements that make him feel strong, alive, grounded, and present. Also a licensed massage therapist, Dylan meets lots of people who experience daily aches as well as chronic pain and stress. He knows Pilates can help, and that's why he became a teacher. Dylan was originally certified in 2012 in Miami, Florida, by his mentor, Anna Alvarez, who introduced him to the breadth of the method and its ability to change bodies and lives. In 2015, he recertified with his second mentor, Dorothee VandeWalle, who helped him deepen his understanding of classical Pilates and to more keenly appreciate its grace, rigor, and athleticism. Now, Dylan continues to study under the eagle eyes of Karen Winselmann at Pure Pilates. He is honored to have been invited to teach at her studio, where he can put the method to work to help clients experience the happiness that comes from moving Pilates-style with strength, flexibility, and control.
This Mat/Tower class is for students who are experienced and strong in their Pilates – who are now fine-tuning pelvic and shoulder stability, oppositional energy, spinal articulation, and overall uniform development. This class affords the opportunity to explore the full sequence of Pilates at a vigorous tempo.

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