Laini Ibrahim


"Pilates is the one exercise program where people didn't tell me to stop thinking". Affectionately called Nini, LaLa, Kim….the lady with a thousand nicknames grew up right here in sunny South Florida. From Jamaica, where she was born, to Cambridge, MA, where Laini graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she has gone on to London, Brazil, and Charlotte, North Carolina. "Hey Y'all!" Her mind can't sit still much more than her body can. Laini can be found many weekends at a 5k or 10k event, and relaxes by reading classical literature, science fiction, and business books.

As a mother of four, Laini homeschools, while maintaining a health and wellness coaching practice (featuring parent coaching of course). So being a brainiac by nature, with a past education base in engineering and a recent experience in health and wellness, Pilates was the puzzle piece that just fit right in. Laini has been practicing since 2006, and finally, intrigued by Joseph's engineering skill, and that he harnesses the mind to control the body, Laini knew that she had to learn all she could. Real Pilates was the most complete classical program available, and what better way to learn than by teaching.

Laini Ibrahim is currently not instructing any classes.
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