2010 Romana’s Pilates Conference



As Daria has announced, I am excited that Pure Pilates will again be hosting the 2010 Romana’s Pilates® Conference, at the spectacular Mariott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa, in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  For planning purposes, the 2010 Romana’s Pilates® Conference dates are July 9 – 11, 2010.  We are planning to keep most everything essentially the same as the Conference in 2009. 


Please note: all the 2010 Romana’s Pilates® Conference details — including: pricing, hotel reservation link & the Conference Registration Form will be announced shortly via my website “Blog”.  Therefore, I recommend that everyone subscribe to my “Blog” — this is easy to do on my HomePage (it is safe & does not require someone to join a Social Networking Site).  Additionally, anyone who is my friend on Facebook and/or a fan of Pure Pilates on Facebook will also receive any & all up-to-the-date communications about everything related to the 2010 Conference.  Please feel free to share & communicate this fact/information with other Romana’s Pilates® Instructors & Trainees — as there will be permanent Sticky Blogs for each event.  So check it out & subscribe as follows…


Go to my website (www.pure-pilates.net), enter your email below the word “Subscribe” and you’re in.    


I hope this information is helpful and I look forward to seeing you in July!!

Best Regards,

—Karen :)






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