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Why Is Pilates Training So Expensive?

We could simply state that you get what you pay for, but it is far more than that when it comes to Pilates.  


Potential clients sometimes balk at the hourly rate most Pilates studios charge.  But the high cost is due to the quality training that ensures that top-notch teachers know what they’re doing.  There are many Pilates disiplines, but at Romana’s Pilates, each Romana’s Pilates Certified Iinstructor has been guided, trained, and tested by the 4 Grand Masters — either Romana Kryzanowska, or by Sari Mejia Santo, Juanita Lopez, or Cynthia Lochard — each teaching the Pilates method exactly as taught by Joseph Pilates himself.   Here’s why taking Pilates from a Romana’s Pilates trained and certified Instructor is actually an investment in your body’s future — and well worth it!


1.  The training to become a fully certified teacher is comprehensive and lengthy, lasting anywhere from one to two years.


2.  The training includes anatomy, kinesiology, and learning to teach some 500 exercises.


3.  Teachers-in-training need 600+ of apprentice hours and self-practice.


4.  A Pilates education includes knowledge about pregnancy; elderly clients; knee, hip, & neck problems; as well as spine conditions such as scoliosis, stenosis, and disc issues.


5.  The training is just the beginning, because excellence in teaching is developed through years of experience and the requirement of attending continuing education courses.




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