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Pilates can help Parkinson’s Patients

I have been reading several really good articles on Pilates and Parkinson’s Disease. Since I’ve had several pilates clients with Parkinson’s, I decided it was best to make sure I knew all I could about Parkinson’s and how Pilates can help.


Parkinson’s is a degenerative disorder which inhibits a person’s ability to control movement. Its most common symptom includes tremors, slowness of movement, rigidity and poor balance.


Pilates movements are controlled and specific – sometimes moving the body only inches, but those small motions make a big difference for some people with Parkinson’s disease. With a growing number of pilates clients finding relief from their Parkinson’s symptoms, Pilates is proving to be effective in helping with the disease. I have found that increased core strength and improved flexibilty and balance is extremely helpful in countering the effects of Parkinson’s in some people.


The National Parkinson’s Foundation has performed studies that show exercise can ease the severity of Parkinson’s symptoms. Studies they conducted with Pilates participants say the exercises aren’t a strain, which makes pilates more approachable for Parkinson’s patients who don’t exercise at all. Also, some Parkinson’s patients struggle with depression and the studies indicated that exercise can help with that. Exercise is as much for the mind as the body and to feel like you can help yourself in some way is important.


I’ll end this blog with a quote from Joseph Pilates. “One of the major results of Contrology (Pilates) is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control of your body.”




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