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Matthew Thomas

Matthew is enthusiastic about all things fitness. Being born and raised in South Florida has helped contribute to his active lifestyle. Doing Pilates, being with family, trekking natural areas, exploring new restaurants, and going to trampoline parks are some of the things he loves to do most. Matthew was introduced to Pilates in the fall of 2015 after feeling the need to find a new method of strength training, especially for his persistent ankle pain, brought on by injuries from the previous years. He immediately fell in love, and began to pursue Joseph Pilates' traditional method of body conditioning. From 2016-2017, Matthew completed a comprehensive Pilates program at Classical Pilates Education. He loved it -- every part of it -- from anatomy and spinal alignment, to the exercise names, and the order; Matthew enjoys teaching the method. He says, "Pilates changes the whole body -- not just physically, but mentally too. The mind-body connection is so important. There will always be room for improvement, but that is what makes Pilates so awesome." Matthew is planning to further his study and go through the The Real Pilates Teacher Training Program as a Bridge Apprentice in early 2018 at Pure Pilates to finesse his teaching skills in Pilates' classical method.

Matthew Thomas instructs the following:
Mat/Tower 2 - Intermediate
This Mat/Tower class is for clients who are experienced and strong in their Pilates – who are now fine-tuning pelvic and shoulder stability, oppositional energy, spinal articulation, and overall uniform development. This class affords the opportunity to explore the full sequence of Pilates at a vigorous tempo.
Mat/Tower 1 - Beginner
This Mat/Tower class uses the beginner Pilates exercise vocabulary in a well-rounded workout to train coordination, centering, breath, control, and concentration. Clients will learn new exercises, add resistance work with springs, expand the Pilates vocabulary, and become better at performing the Pilates movements with flow.

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