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Staff List

Karen Winselmann
Studio Owner | Instructor Trainer
From early in her childhood Karen Winselmann loved the fine arts -- especially music and dance. Born in Pittsburgh, PA and raised in north-central New Jersey, Karen played piano, clarinet and oboe as well as studied ballet. In high school she focused on art and played in both the marching and concert bands – the latter recognized two years winning state honors. Additionally, she was first-chair oboe for both the high school state orchestra and the symphonic bands. Karen choreographed many dance sections for the high school theatrical performances and also continued her dance training including acceptance into the summer dance program at North Carolina School of the Arts.
After high school graduation, Karen chose to focus her college education in dance. First at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and then transferring and graduating from Florida State University, in 1983, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Dance. At Florida State University, Karen taught ballet & agility training to the Florida A&M University football team.
Upon graduation, rather than pursue dance opportunities, Karen entered the business world where for over 15 years pursued a career in Human Resource Management. While working full-time, Karen continued her education and graduated from Nova Southeastern University, in 1992, with a MBA degree specializing in International Business.
For many years, Karen continued to stay involved in the fine arts by supporting the local Ballet, Philharmonic, and Opera companies. In 2001, Karen began studying Pilates and embarked upon a journey of transition from the corporate world to the Pilates world. Immediately, Karen discovered Pilates to be not only challenging but also rewarding to both the body and the mind. No longer able to resist the pull of the “Second Act” Karen had been keeping on the back burner since high school — she left the corporate world in 2002 to concentrate on a career in Pilates by enrolling in the Pilates Studio of New York Teacher Certification Program. Upon becoming a Certified Instructor in 2003, Karen initially worked as an Independent Contractor. Prior to opening her own studio – Pure Pilates, in 2006. In November 2006, Karen successfully completed the Romana’s Pilates® Instructor Training Program and in 2010 attained a Level 4 Instructor Trainer status. Dedicated to the craft and continual growth and support of the Pilates community, in 2015, Karen teamed up with Alycea Ungaro to become the first host studio to offer her comprehensive Real Pilates Teacher Training Program. As the world of Pilates continues to expand, Karen is excited to be a part of cultivating the next generation of mindful, skilled and exceptional instructors!
Regina Arras
Equipment Engineering, Repair & Maintenance
Aerospace Engineer and certified Pilates Instructor, Regina Arras, has a unique take on body mechanics and a very real passion for the “nuts and bolts” of Pilates. Regina approaches Pilates from an engineer’s perspective, dissecting the mechanics of each exercise, and from the artistic perspective of a dancer, always pursuing and appreciating the beauty and elegance of each movement. Regina’s distinctive approach has given rise to whole new business model as she tackles the service and maintenance side of the industry to redefine what studio upkeep really means. Learn more about Regina at
Alycea Ungaro
“Making Real Pilates Available to Everyone”

Published authority on fitness and wellness and a pioneer of the Pilates method, Alycea Ungaro brought some of the very first mat Pilates classes to New York City. Both the method and Alycea built a devoted following as people flocked to her classes.
Alycea has expanded her popular Pilates classes into a fitness media empire. Her first multi-media project was the innovative Portable Pilates™, an easy-to-use at-home mat workout. Best selling titles followed including; Pilates: Body in Motion, published in 2002, The Pilates Promise published in 2004, and The Pilates Practice Companion, Alycea’s most comprehensive book yet, released in bookstores in January 2011.
In addition to serving on the advisory board of Fitness Magazine, Alycea also travels widely as a guest teacher hosting retreats at world-famous location such as Amangani in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She has trained scores of celebrities including Madonna, Uma Thurman, Kyra Sedgewick, Claire Danes, and Molly Sims. Together with long-time client Christy Turlington, Alycea collaborated on a “Pilates Booty” for Puma. The booty was aptly named “The Alycea.”
Alycea was early to the digital game by partnering with Mobile Mind, Inc. to launch a cell phone version of PortablePilates™. This go-anywhere mini-workout, was designed to broaden Pilates accessibility. 15 Minute Everyday Pilates has also been converted into a series of Vooks (video books) that are available for iPhones and iPads as well as the Amazon Kindle and the Android platform. The New York Times has hailed these Pilates Apps as the best on the market. She also created the “15 Minute Everyday Pilates” DVD and the patent-pending Real Alignment Mat for the home exerciser. In 2012 Alycea created the now popular SpringTone class in her New York studio. 2013 marks the launch of Alycea’s Mentor Project designed to merge Pilates technique and business strategies into a unique learning platform for studio owners nationwide.
In addition to her Pilates expertise, Ungaro is a licensed physical therapist having graduated from New York University’s prestigious program. She is also a certified Peri-natal specialist making her uniquely qualified to work with all levels of disability and with clients during any
phase of their pregnancy.

Teresa Trunzo

Teresa Trunzo was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois an at age fourteen she moved to South Florida. As a result of being in the sunshine state with beautiful beaches, warm weather and endless sunny skies, outdoor activities like bike riding and roller skating were a common past time. She became interested in nutrition and fitness shortly after completing high school.

Teresa’s first teaching experience started in 1984 with Richard Simmons Anatomy Asylum in Deerfield Beach, FL. There she helped choreograph high impact aerobics to music. The emphasis was on a total body workout in addition to nutrition counseling for all body types and fitness levels. Teresa continued her fitness career with weight training, nautilus equipment training, power walking and more.

Teresa was introduced to authentic Pilates in 2009. At that time she became aware of the benefits of this form of exercise and how it can enhance your body and everyday living. Teresa successfully completed the Romana’s Pilates® Instructor Training Program in 2013. Teresa is always learning and continues to share her passion of Pilates and the benefits to the mind, body and spirit with the community.

Mifa Ko
Dance & Conditioning Specialist
Mifa Ko was born in Tokyo and is multilingual, speaking English, Japanese and Korean. Mifa is a classically trained ballerina having attended the Matsuyama Ballet School, the Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow, the Boston Ballet School and the Princess Grace Academie of Classical Dance in Monaco. Most recently Mifa was Principal dancer with Ballet Florida, Minnesota Dance Theater and the James Sewell Ballet in Minneapolis. Mifa has danced lead Principal roles in Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, Le Corsaire, and the prestigious & coveted title role of Giselle.

Dancing is incredibly rigorous! Mifa realized early on that the strength needed to dance required her to find exercise that provided both strength and flexibility training in order to continue her career in dance. Her search led her to the spiraling movements of the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Methods and in 2009 & 2010 respectively, Mifa became certified to teach both. Additionally, Mifa also completed the Musical Journey course (2013) and the Specialized Equipment (Jumping Stretching Board) course in 2015. In 2016, Mifa continued her education and became a Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer.

For the past 10 years, Mifa has used her 25 years of ballet experience to teach & strengthen aspiring young ballet students as well as local Fort Lauderdale residents looking for the enhanced physical benefits of Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis exercise.

If you are an aspiring dancer or if you want the benefits provided by Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis exercise, please contact Mifa to set up an appointment — she can be reached at 561.598.1284.

GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

Tonya Andino
Studio Coordinator
Tonya Andino was born and raised in New York. She came down to South Florida to visit with her best friend during the summer of 2013 for a quick weekend trip, which then turned into a 6 day trip and a decision to move down here! She lives with her son; Kaze, and their two cats Boomer & Precious. Tonya has over 20 years of Administrative Assistant experience, with the majority of that experience being in the cosmetics industry covering the areas of Marketing, Product Development, Public Relations and Human Resources. As the newest member to the team, Tonya is looking forward to learning and experiencing all there is to know about Pilates!
Matthew Thomas
Matthew is enthusiastic about all things fitness. Being born and raised in South Florida has helped contribute to his active lifestyle. Doing Pilates, being with family, trekking natural areas, exploring new restaurants, and going to trampoline parks are some of the things he loves to do most. Matthew was introduced to Pilates in the fall of 2015 after feeling the need to find a new method of strength training, especially for his persistent ankle pain, brought on by injuries from the previous years. He immediately fell in love, and began to pursue Joseph Pilates' traditional method of body conditioning. From 2016-2017, Matthew completed a comprehensive Pilates program at Classical Pilates Education. He loved it -- every part of it -- from anatomy and spinal alignment, to the exercise names, and the order; Matthew enjoys teaching the method. He says, "Pilates changes the whole body -- not just physically, but mentally too. The mind-body connection is so important. There will always be room for improvement, but that is what makes Pilates so awesome." Matthew is planning to further his study and go through the The Real Pilates Teacher Training Program as a Bridge Apprentice in early 2018 at Pure Pilates to finesse his teaching skills in Pilates' classical method.
Lori Coleman-Brown
I am fascinated with the human body and am passionate about moving, studying and teaching its' possibilities both in theory and in practice. Using my skills as a Pilates Instructor and Physical Therapist and former dancer, I help people enjoy moving with strength and ease.
Beginning in the early 1980's, I studied Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' protege, and was one of only a handful of Romana's Pilates Master (level 2) Instructor Trainers. Romana personally asked me to be a Teacher Trainer in 1999. Now I am thrilled to be the Director of Education at Atlas Pilates in Seattle, WA.
Forever humbled, I take my post as Pilates Teacher Trainer very seriously. With a Master of Physical Therapy from Temple University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from SUNY Purchase and almost 30 years of experience, there is a lot that I want to share. The spectrum of my teaching spans from corrective exercise to flips and tricks!
I thoroughly enjoy the magic moments during lessons and workshops as I guide people to move with real change and connection in their bodies.Teaching is thrilling. I co-founded Pilates Seattle International and co-directed there for over 15 years. I stepped down from studio ownership to focus on teaching.
Now I instruct my regular clients, train new Pilates instructors and mentor experienced instructors in Seattle, WA at Atlas Pilates in Belltown.
As a Master Teacher and Teacher Trainer, I travel the world sharing my knowledge while participating in the Pilates Community of health, wisdom and happiness.
Katarina Durisova
Katarina was born and raised in Slovakia. Being land locked all her childhood, she wanted to discover and travel counties surrounded by water and warm weather. At eighteen years of age, she left for London, England where she was a resident for 15 years! The city became too small for her and soon she was driven by the hunger of seeing much more. She moved to Bermuda followed by the Cayman Islands. Katarina graduated from London Metropolitan University with a degree in clinical psychology. Although she helped a lot of people to over come their addictions she pursuit her profession in the hospitality field instead. Working in fine dining restaurants she had the opportunity to live in different countries and islands. Certified open water diver and a cave diver she dove many wrecks and beautiful reefs, with different and interesting people. She first fell in love with pilates in London where she casually practiced, but it wasn’t till she moved to Florida, where she found the true passion. Being a psycho-therapist she believes that mind and the body need balance to live in harmony, everything else naturally follows.
Patti Miller
Patti Miller was born in Yonkers, NY. In her early years she was involved with dance and track & field. Her family moved to Coconut Creek in 1981 and she has lived in South Florida ever since. While attending college to study accounting she worked as a group fitness instructor. Patti loved working with people and improving their health so she switched her major to Exercise Science. Lighthouse Point Yacht and Raquet Club hired her to run their fitness program for seven years. After taking time off to raise her children, Patti found her way back to teaching water aerobics, personal training and other group fitness classes. She is certified with the Fitness Institute in Strength and Conditioning, Functional Fitness and Fitness Testing.
During the summer of 2017, Patti was introduced to Pilates while in physical therapy for scoliosis. The strength and pain relief led her to Pure Pilates to continue on with a classical & comprehensive Pilates training. Being a natural teacher, with the desire to help others improve their quality of life, she enrolled for the 2018 RPTT program.
Erica Breitenstein
A Florida native with a New York City heart, Erica moved to Manhattan after graduating from UCF to begin her career in advertising. While her “day job” kept her busy on Madison Avenue, Erica remained devoted to the pursuit of fitness that began in adolescence. Erica’s earliest fitness regime included Nautilus Super Slow Training, aerobic dance and step aerobics. Later she spent a decade focusing on body sculpting and aerobic mat classes combined with weight training. Erica’s transitional yoga practice began in earnest in 2011. No matter what program Erica is following, the one constant has always been running—whether it’s a quick three miles or a leisurely six mile jog—she loves the runner’s high she almost always gets.
In 2015, upon relocating to Fort Lauderdale, chronic lower back pain that had been bearable for years was finally too intense to ignore. The pain kept Erica from pursuing any real activity, including getting on the floor to play with her then three-year-old son. After several MRIs, countless visits to various chiropractors, physical therapy and visits to orthopedic specialists, Erica’s trusted orthopedic surgeon, as well as her professional yogi sister and her well-informed mother, all urged Erica to take up Pilates. Based on their collective experience, she knew she had to find a Pilates practitioner and find her fast. Erica met Karen Winselmann in the fall of 2016 and the rest is history.
“When I leave the Pilates studio, I feel like I can do anything. My mind and body are strong and in line with my spirit. I take with me a positive energy that I’m told radiates from me. This is a feeling I want to share.”
After a year of intense training with Karen, Erica decided to make Pilates an even bigger part of her life and began the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program in February 2018.
“When something seems to good to be true, I absolutely cannot leave it alone. Pilates was no exception. The precision and thoughtfulness of each exercise make every workout engaging and interesting. Every day I look forward to learning more about each detail. And being able to teach Pilates and demonstrate to others that it’s not too good to be true, will be the icing on the cake!“

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