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Karen Winselmann

How Pilates Can Help Your Golf Swing

Pilates improves your posture, body mechanics, corrects breathing, spinal flexibility, and flow. These components are all very important in the golf swing. Pilates also helps to elongate your spine. Pilates creates a strong “Powerhouse” (which is often referred to as a body’s core). The Powerhouse is composed of your abdominals, lower back, inner & outer thighs, hips, and buttocks. Good posture affects the golf swing mechanics and good golf mechanics requires cohesive coordination of the body, legs, and arms. The correct sequencing of this anatomy, multiplies the golfer’s power. In the action of the swing, the stability of your Powerhouse and the strength and flexibility of the arms and legs will result in the club head cutting through the air at an incredible speed to the ball. A very important aspect of Pilates is strengthening, lengthening, working balance, coordination, and breathing all at the same time. When the body movement occurs naturally, the mind and body act as one leading to quicker and more confident physical decisions on the golf course. Movement, rhythm, and mental aspects associated with Pilates and Golf are very similar. Regular Pilates training will enhance your ability to develop and master a proper golf swing & improve your game.

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