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Karen Winselmann


The season is upon us — school zones are blinking, schedules are filling up, and holiday decorations are already on sale. Tick…tock…tick…tock…How do you possibly get it all done?!

The 6 Principles of Pilates will show you the way:

Centering ~ All movement begins and is sustained through the "POWERHOUSE"
Concentration ~ Intelligence, Intuition, Imagination, Will & Memory
Control ~ Complete coordination of the Body, Mind & Spirit
Precision ~ Work with Quality instead of Quantity
Breath ~ Rhythm of the breath and heartbeat sends fresh oxygen to the muscles
Flow ~ A full succession of exercises performed with vigorous dynamics

As we move speedily into a busy season, let’s not forget how important it is to make time for ourselves. The physical benefits of Pilates are well documented. The mental side of the equation is multi-faceted. Your results are achieved with an integrated combination of intelligence, intuition, memory, imagination, and willpower. Much like meditation, you will find yourself in a better place after your workout. As Joseph Pilates says,

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

So for those who are dedicated to the practice, keep up the good work! You are inspiring to those around you and greatly appreciated by your family at Pure Pilates!

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