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March MATness!

The Mat.

Ooooooooohhh the Mat.

Did you know that the Mat is where the whole system started? This is true! Joseph Pilates first developed his system on the Mat with 34 classic exercises as illustrated in his book "Return to Life Through Contrology." These 34 exercises can be done daily and are a perfect "no excuse" workout to do at home or when traveling. For teachers, the mat work is such a wonderful gift to help them stay committed to their own practice. So we asked our instructors which of the 34 Mat exercises they love and why...

Karen -- Boomerang
"Boomerang is an advanced Pilates exercise that comes near the end of the classical Pilates mat order. I love this exercise because it is an opportunity to put many skills together in one flowing sequence of moves — it is a combination of both the Roll Over and the Teaser using: balance, control with fluid movements."

Teresa -- Roll Over
"I am very tight in my lower back and the Roll Over gives me such an incredible stretch and release."

Dylan -- Control Balance
"It's one of those exercises that brings the whole system together."

Avél -- Push Ups
"Push Ups are my favorite because never in my life have I been able to do one correctly. And now my arms and upper back are in the best shape ever."

Lynn -- Spine Stretch Forward
"I love this exercise because it gives you both the lift and height of ideal posture as well as the deep C-Curve scoop."

You've seen the rest, now come train with the BEST!

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