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    I love doing Pilates at Pure Pilates!  Karen and her team are practically obsessive about proper form and cueing, thus making sure that you do the exercises safely and effectively each and every time. Because of this, I have gotten better results more quickly at Pure Pilates than at other studios that I frequented previously in the same general area.  Karen and her team are dedicated to their clients and truly vested in helping them achieve their goals, and they do so in an environment that is clean, calm and welcoming. I highly recommend Pure Pilates to anyone interested in doing Pilates.

    — Angela Angelucci     View more testimonials


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    I have been working with Karen at Pure Pilates for about two years.  Before I started Pilates I was doing the typical heavy weight gym workouts and I had shoulder pain, wrist pain and my entire body hurt.  Working with Karen and Pilates my pain is gone, and to my surprise my strength and flexibility is much better than when I was working with heavy weights.  My posture is better, and I don’t dread working out!  I love pilates, and would recommend it to anyone, male or female young or old, it works for everybody because you work at your own pace.

    —Jim Weick     View more testimonials

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    I have been pretty diligent about staying in shape, but Pilates has improved my fitness level in a whole new way.  My core is stronger than it ever was, and I am much more flexible that I used to be; both of these attributes are helpful in a workout, but they also make difference in day-to-day living.  (I can keep up with my kids!)  But while I highly recommend Pilates, I would only recommend it from a very professional studio, and that's what Pure Pilates is.  There is no cookie-cutter approach at Pure Pilates.  Karen assesses each individual student and determines which exercises are right for his or her body.  She is an excellent communicator, and she ensures that you are doing each movement correctly in order to get the optimal benefit from your session.  Her encouraging manner makes it both challenging and fun.  I love Pilates, and there is no better place to learn it than at Pure Pilates!

    —Mindy Holman     View more testimonials

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    While I had done Pilates in the past, I had not seen the results that I desired. Working with Karen at Pure Pilates has been a completely different experience. The studio is a warm and welcoming environment. Regardless of your current fitness level, if you are just getting started or are a long time practitioner, they will help you to develop a plan that will allow you to achieve goals of improved strength and flexibility, while improving overall fitness and wellness. In the time I have been working out there, I have noticed a change in my posture, as well as a reduction of both inches and weight. The best part is that Pilates is a fitness routine that I can incorporate for a long term plan for well being

    —JJ Schmidt     View more testimonials


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    Karen and her teachers are extraordinarily qualified to teach and to observe the needs of their students; I am lucky to have benefitted from their expertise! Both my family doctor and my rheumatologist have attributed my flexibility and strength to my regular Pilates workouts, despite my family history of severe osteoporosis. The lessons at Pure Pilates are fun and rewarding; the studio is attractive and pleasant. Pure Pilates has given me, as an older person (I'm 79 years old), a true advantage!

    —Brigid Cortright     View more testimonials




















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