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Karen Winselmann
Karen Winselmann
March 23, 2017

Real Pilates Teacher Training News!

We are thrilled to be a host studio for Alycea Ungaro's Real Pilates Teacher Training (RPTT) Program --  where classical teaching meets contemporary learning -- check out the latest news!

Cycle 2

And she's off! Kate will be in NYC doing her final test outs very soon. So let's send her good vibes for a successful completion!

Cycle 3

Intermediate 1 Seminar with Keren Feingold came and went like a fast and furious Series of 5! All of our superstar Bridge Apprentices passed their Beginner tests (CONGRATS!) and are enthusiastically working on intermediate exercises with all of their clients. Intermediate 2 Seminar with Juan Estrada is this weekend!

Cycle 4

Our 4th cycle of the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program at Pure Pilates is gearing up for a June kickoff. Whether a fresh beginner or an experienced, Certified Instructor looking to deepen your knowledge, this program is for you! Those who are new to Pilates will have the journey of a lifetime. And if you're a teacher desiring a deeper, more comprehensive approach, the Bridge Component of the RPTT program is exactly what you've been looking for. Visit our Teacher Training page on our website at to complete the application, and be on your way to a successful Pilates career!

You've seen the rest, now come train with the BEST!


Karen Winselmann
Karen Winselmann
March 11, 2017

March MATness!

The Mat.

Ooooooooohhh the Mat.

Did you know that the Mat is where the whole system started? This is true! Joseph Pilates first developed his system on the Mat with 34 classic exercises as illustrated in his book "Return to Life Through Contrology." These 34 exercises can be done daily and are a perfect "no excuse" workout to do at home or when traveling. For teachers, the mat work is such a wonderful gift to help them stay committed to their own practice. So we asked our instructors which of the 34 Mat exercises they love and why...

Karen -- Boomerang
"Boomerang is an advanced Pilates exercise that comes near the end of the classical Pilates mat order. I love this exercise because it is an opportunity to put many skills together in one flowing sequence of moves — it is a combination of both the Roll Over and the Teaser using: balance, control with fluid movements."

Teresa -- Roll Over
"I am very tight in my lower back and the Roll Over gives me such an incredible stretch and release."

Dylan -- Control Balance
"It's one of those exercises that brings the whole system together."

Avél -- Push Ups
"Push Ups are my favorite because never in my life have I been able to do one correctly. And now my arms and upper back are in the best shape ever."

Lynn -- Spine Stretch Forward
"I love this exercise because it gives you both the lift and height of ideal posture as well as the deep C-Curve scoop."

You've seen the rest, now come train with the BEST!


Karen Winselmann
Karen Winselmann
February 18, 2017

All You Need Is Love

Love for each other.
Love for yourself.

Our hearts are full with LOVE we feel for our clients, our studio, our team and our practice! Pilates gives you so much more than 55-minutes to yourself -- Pilates gives you an awareness and connection to your body that you get to take out into the world. You breath better. You feel better. And in turn, you live your life with a surplus of love and appreciation for everything and everyone (most of the time).

For any of the disbelievers or those unaware of the kind of positive effect Pilates can have on the system -- Pilates is a FULL BODY WORKOUT!

You've seen the rest, now come train with the BEST!


Karen Winselmann
Karen Winselmann
December 18, 2016

A Gift That Gives!

Our dedicated clients can attest to the benefits of embracing a discipline and routine. Prioritizing our Pilates practice is key to our overall mind and body happiness, especially during this hectic holiday season! So let’s give the gift that keeps on giving — an opportunity for a loved one to have 55 minutes all to themselves. And guess what? There’s a treat for you at the end of this rainbow.

"I received a Gift Certificate for a Private Session in my stocking last year
and I've been hooked every since!"


For each Private Session you gift someone, we'll gift YOU a Complimentary Class*

Nothing beats a personal, hands-on session, fully customized for your body and your needs.  Share this one-on-one experience with someone you care about this Holiday Season.


*restrictions apply


To purchase, please contact Avél, our Studio Coordinator via phone at 954.804.8450

You've seen the rest, now come train with the BEST!


Karen Winselmann
Karen Winselmann
October 23, 2016


As Pilates Instructors, we love what we do. So it is more than necessary that we keep up with our own practice and in touch with what's evolving in the industry. Building a strong Pilates community is at the cornerstone of Pure Pilates' mission and purpose, hence our partnership with Alycea Ungaro and her Real Pilates Teacher Training Program (RPTT). Come be a part of strengthening this wonderful community and join our Pilates Pro Classes monthly on the 1st & 3rd Fridays at 2 pm ($30/discount packages available). Call Avél, Studio Coordinator, and book your reservation today or click here to register online!

In RPTT Apprentice News...
The Advanced Seminar was this past weekend -- HOLY COW! You've probably noticed the buzz around the studio as our Apprentice Extraordinaires ferociously self practice, observe and teach as much as humanly possible. Aside from learning a plethora of advanced system exercises, they were also tested on their Intermediate II competency. GUESS WHAT?! They all PASSED -- but are you even surprised?

Pilates is Resistance Training which has been proven to increase Bone Density, Muscle Mass and Metabolism. Pilates all day!

You've seen the rest, now come train with the BEST!




















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